Iceland Water International (IWI)

Iceland Water International is the bottler of "Iceland Water" brand in PET and GLASS bottles.  Iceland Water (tm) is born and bottled at the source in Iceland and exported around the world.

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The Source

Iceland has the largest reserve of fresh natural spring water in the world. IWI's source is one of the largest spring known that is easily accessible and 100% sustainable.

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The Water

At Iceland Water International™ we believe in sharing our natural spring water with the world. We aim to doing so with environmentally friendly operational practices.   Iceland Water (tm)  is without any doubt one of the best tasting natural spring water in the world.


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Iceland Water International (IWI) is a private company domiciled in Iceland. IWI has international investors and partners from around the world that saw value in sharing "Iceland Water" shared with the world. The company owners are also IWI's customers.

IWI objective is to harness Iceland's largest resource, natural spring water, and capture and bottle it for export.  IWI's global brand name is "Iceland Water" and we are very proud to share it with the world. We do the bottling, in PET and GLASS,  at our new state of the art factory, at the source in Iceland, using green energy and in walking distance to the export harbor, making our beverage factory world's more sustainable. Our source is one of the world's largest and best protected and it is 100 % sustainable as we capture less than 1% of its potential.


And there is so much more ! is a great reference site on more on Iceland.