What we do.

We bottle world's finest natural spring water in PET and Glass under our brands and private label for others. Factory is powered with green energy. We use less than 1 percent of the daily flow of the source and we harm no flora or fauna with our operation. Our natural spring is controlled and monitored by our Federal Government along with local and regional agencies. Our export port is walking distance from factory.

Our Story - Our Mission - Shared Natural Resource

We want to share our water with the world. IWI operates for profit but via separate identity IWI donates large amount of water to the less fortunate all around the world. Our source is one of the world's largest, and the water quality is exceptional. Combining our exceptional quality with value pricing in multiple packaging, and operating sustainably, we do know IWI has a business model that surpasses most of the multinationals therefore we welcome quality partners from around the world.

Meet the Team

IWI is only as good as the team and products it fronts.


The Product - The Water

Unlimited natural spring water with super low TDS and pH around 8 and decades of secure use by 1000's of people. Fully certified and monitored by local, regional and Federal agencies.

Very possibly the world's finest natural spring water, less than a mile from export port. Brand new water works system that meets all global food standards.


Our Factory


Brand new state of the art beverage factory with natural spring water as the focus.  Production capacity for PET and GLASS, flat and sparkling.

Factory has a new borehole pipe to a brand new water works system that's certified and monitored by world's all required agencies. Production capacity is around one billion liters. Source itself can sustain 10, 50 even 100 billion liters if ever needed. Only our bottling equipment limits IWI to the one billion liter annual production.

Juice making is under consideration to take advantage of the geothermal hot water IWI uses to heat its offices and factories.


Thor Johannsson

Thor Johannsson is the owner and founder of IWI.

Born in Iceland, educated in Switzerland and the United States where he resides with his family.

Thor is passionate about sharing his water with the world. He believes quality clean water for hydration, cooking and general hygiene is a basic human right. IWI via its non profit programs will set a new global standard in achieving his vision.

Next Steps...

Feel free to contact us to discuss purchasing our IWI branded products or private label programs.