Source and Location

Our source and factory location is hard to match.  Iceland's reputation for green energy and quality water is unsurpassed. Established Icelandic water brands have pioneered the route to global success for our company. Bottled water is the fastest growing category in the general beverage category and with IWI's expertly selected source and location, IWI enjoys many benefits over the other brands.


IWI Products

Quality Natural Spring Water is our business.

  • Natural Spring Water in PET bottles
  • Natural Spring Water in Glass bottles
  • Loaded flexitanks for export - 6000 gallons - 24.000 liters
  • Any and all water based drinks that meet our criteria as quality products in the private label category.
  • Other ?  We are open to ideas and suggestions.

Our Factory

As a new factory we have the capacity for new contracts and product developments. If your product is water based, we have the quality water and the green energy to "power-quality" your product to its potential.

YES - IWI plant has the production capacity of ONE BILLION liters per year and the port is walking distance from plant hence transport from plant to ship is probably the shortest of any quality beverage company in the entire world and that saves you money and is easier on the environment as well.


What we can make....

IWI's production capacity is around one billion liters of bottled water per year based on current equipment, in PET and Glass.

We like to say, if your products are water based, we should be able to help. If they are energy intensive like beer, alcohol, juice and others, we do know we have a huge advantage with our low cost green electricity and geothermal water benefits.  Few miles away is one of world's most powerful geothermal plant, providing huge volume of 200 C plus hot water and over 300 MW of green electricity we can use to benefit your products. https://vimeo.com/148233997

Iceland Within Reach - Strategic Location.

Iceland, is an independent country, that is located midway between Europe and North America. The North Atlantic island, 2nd largest in Europe and 18th in the world, has an area of 103,000 km2 (40,000 sq mi), which is roughly equal in size to:

  • Denmark, the Netherlands and Belgium combined
  • Scotland and Wales combined
  • The U.S. state of Kentucky
  • South Korea

Iceland's population is only around 340.000 people and that contributes to its "green and clean" image it has around the world.

Regular sea and air links to the world

Keflavík Airport near Reykjavik is Iceland's principal international airport, with many daily flights going all over the world.

Flight duration is 2.5-5 hours to Europe and 5-6 hours to the United States (East Coast) and Canada.

Icelandic shipping lines operate cargo scheduled serving ports in North America, Scandinavia, UK, continental Europe and the Baltic, and have developed advanced international freight forwarding systems. These lines operate bulk charter transportation for specific imports and exports, e.g. industrial raw materials and finished products. Our cargo shipments benefit great from these services and we have our own cargo ships as well.

The Icelandic freight ports are extremely busy with both imports and exports, being taken to and from all over Europe and USA, seafood being the most common export products from Iceland

Shipping takes 3–4 days to Europe and 7–8 days to North America.

Iceland's population is only about 340.000 as stated earlier.


Next Steps...

We are here to help - call or email us for further information.